About Us


Signature Living (formerly Cornwall Construction) has been in business since 1964. The founders father built multiple homes, when Richmond was still a very small city. Much work went into learning and developing a systematic approach to every job.

Fast forward to 2018, where the company has constructed more than 60 homes, all in the city of Richmond, British Columbia.

The city was prospected, and immigrated to, because of its blossoming potential. Over 50 years later, and we are still here, building the homes that inspire.


Signature Living is your destination for luxury homes, modern designs and beautiful living spaces. We have a simply philosophy, build it like it was our own. This means that we not only build beautiful homes, we back them up. Safety and longevity is important to our developments, and our brand of service.

Founder Parm Dhinjal regularly checks up on previous developments. With an owner who cares so deeply about his projects, Signature Living is known in Richmond as a top-tier provider of custom homes.

We build dream homes, and we guarantee the investment by utilizing safety checks, inspections and structural discoveries. Beauty, Strength and Safety.


We believe that Richmond, British Columbia is a very special place, poised for even more growth. Being the airport city to Vancouver, having picturesque mountains, and easy access to the USA, makes Richmond very valuable.

With Real Estate value on the rise, and more new developments coming in, we like to work with the community to use sustainable housing practices to build upon community, rather than destroy it.

We care about this city, and feel great satisfaction when our homes are happily inhabited by our customers and clients. Our founder lives in the home he built. And each one of the homes he built, he would personally live in. This has become our trademark level of service.